Sunday, August 16, 2015


Yesterday, we met in South Jamaica for the long awaited "Youth In Action" event.  The children who participated learned about fruits and vegetables and where they came from and on their page filled with  drawing of a variety of fruits and vegetables, they colored those they could find at the Farmers' Market and then they ate watermelon chunks and left with a brand new pair of shoes.  I thought I would be writing about having proper footwear in the nick of time for the start of the new school year is a step in the right direction.  My mind instead turned to those who came to assist.

I am very much aware of the value of sisterhood but today was the icing on the cake.  As I looked around at everyone working, I marveled at their willingness to change their busy schedules to help carry out CHOOSE TO CARE mission, of providing the youth in need with a brand new pair of shoes that fits and bring joy and hope to their lives.  It is so triumphant to work with nurturing women who care about you and the things you do.  Such an act of kindness could only spring from a sincere desire to do good for those in need.  This warms my heart and leaves me misty-eyed.  It is an amazing deed and I have so much respect for this group of women.

Yes, new shoes provided a step in the right direction but so did the generosity of such like minded friends that has left an unforgettable impression.

"That smile that was pasted on my face
and my expression of reverence, came from deep within.
Thanks for helping us keep HOPE alive."



Unknown said...

''Twas indeed a pleasure to be part of this event. I certainly admired the manner in which everyone moved in unison to make the place kid friendly. The volunteers were driven with excitement that spilled onto the children in attendance. I was impressed with how the entire scenes unfolded building up to the excitement to going to the semblance of Farmers Market. Everyone seemed to know what was needed at every turn like it was planned. It was an absolute honor to experience this heartwarming Sisterhood in Action while serving those in need. You have my support as you give of yourself whole heartedly. Blessings

Brawta said...

Again, my heartfelt thanks, this is my interpretation of working together! What a blessing this is!!

Unknown said...

A special thanks to this sisterhood where everyone showed love and kindness for our community. It was such a wonderful afternoon spent together. I enjoyed myself in the company of others and being in service to my community. Every child brought smiles to my face and made me realize there is a greater joy in caring for others.