Monday, October 12, 2015


I have just returned from a visit to Nashville, Tennessee and when anyone asks me about this wonderful place, I describe it as a "feel good" city.  I truly enjoyed this Music City and the Academy's Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo{FNCE} that took me there, sent me home with a deep rooted message delivered by the closing speaker, Marcus Samuelsson, chef and owner of Red Rooster,located in Harlem, NYC.  He was jovial but pensive at times as he traced his personal discovery and determination.  He was filled with gratitude for the people who helped him along the way and the connections he made; and although there were disappointments, he counted those in the equation for his success.

His message "Live with a compass" will be my conversation to share with anyone who will listen.  As the holidays roll around, I begin to think about the reason I started CHOOSE TO CARE whose mission is to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the kid in need, many young children have benefited but our work continues.  Today I will share 2 thank-you notes from the many we have received after merely donating a brand new pair of shoes,  a small act of kindness,which brings great joy to the young children.

CHEERS to Donors
Teachers Ask. You Choose

This organization sponsors teachers' projects nationwide.  I get a kick out of the names of the projects that CHOOSE TO  CARE  has sponsored through Donors Choose, such as : Tip Top Tappers, Tread Upon Your Feet, No Glass Slippers, Dancing Shoes, Fitness Is It, Let's Sweat,Rap A Tap Tap, Rap A Tap Tap and others.

So as  we prepare to share the happiness of the holiday season,we hope to offer a bright spot for the child in need and I will certainly continue to  heed the command to "live my life by a compass."

Peace & Love

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