Sunday, June 21, 2015


They were coming after me, Bindya began, panting
I saw them out of the corner of my eyes
So I dodged the bullet.
They set another trap
But a little Birdie told me
Watch out!  And I managed to to sidestep those landmines.

I heard them thinking out loud
This time I will get her for sure
But that smile always say, BEWARE,
And I slipped away again.

She tried again!
This time she made the loop tighter
No room to wiggle through, was her thinking.
"Let's see you pull this off" she smirked
But my supple skin slid right on out
Another freedom flight.

So she sought help to clip my wings.
"Truly, this is a surefire way,
I will pick the brain of one who says,
she knows her well!"

She gave her a prize
And Deceiter gave her one in return.
"This is one way to nail her good"
But the plan they set, fell apart
And I  am home free.

"Who is this?" she wondered in disgust.
I fed her crumbs and she feasted like a Queen
I created hell and she lived there unscathed
I filled her path with gravel and thorny sticks
But she walked with her head high
As if her journey was on a smooth paved path.
"You just wait, there is still tomorrow and the
Day after tomorrow."

They set a trap, but Bindya beat them to their game
She managed to escape.
Don't be afraid of tomorrow.
And the women rejoice!
Put out the best,
This calls for a feast.

They sang and clap and swayed,
As they welcomed home one of their own.
They listened intently to Bindya's journey,
"I will never be afraid of tomorrow or
The day after tomorrow."
And with that she took a joyful swirl.

Questions for Reflections:

  1. What is remarkable about the Title? "No Fear For Tomorrow or The Day After Tomorrow"
  2. The "Pursuer" recalled all the traps set, Bindya
    escaped, time after time; how is that possible?
  3. Imagine what prize was given both to Deceiter and the Pursuer
  4. Why is Bindya's return home a joyous celebration?
  5. Translate "this is one way to nail her good"

Brawta  - {From :Jump for Joy series}

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