Wednesday, April 15, 2015


                   Her soul was clenched tight
                   Her body went into a tremor
                   Her lips quivered
                   This is not right
                   And she kept pacing the floor
                   She wants me to do what?
                   She screamed!
                   Pay homage to the devil
                   With all her false accusations!!

                   She pulled you in her game
                   And you became a core supporter
                   Now you have joined forces
                   To send me more insults and shame
                   You have  embraced her lies, oh so lame.
                   There is no justice
                    But I am putting you on notice
                    Your radical movement is way off base
                    And she will leave without my good tidings.

                   And slowly I will begin to mend myself
                   My body will say, Good Riddance
                   To the evil doer and her obnoxious seedy ways.
                   She battled me on every front
                   This warring person altered my life
                   And the lives of many.

                  Poison, Poison, Go away
                  Be done already with your malice, hatred, trash
                  No coronation awaiting you at this juncture
                  Disperse, scat, move along
                  And never look back my way.



Anonymous said...

Very powerful poem.


Unknown said...

Yes we must learn how to move on. It is so easy to allow such characters to steal our joy if we dwell on the stains and damage that they caused. Take a firm stand and God will deliver us from "evil".