Saturday, April 4, 2015


She took a number
Sat in a chair and fell in a slumber.
Some women shouted in unison,
Today, the wait will be long.

I paid no attention
To all the confusion
'cause I had trouble on my mind.

My heart skip a beat,
It was torture sitting in the heat.
I studied the look on their faces,
If they exited in a daze
Or walked with steady grace
I knew how fate had dealt.

I craned my neck
oh what the heck!
With the women a chattering
I cannot hear beyond all that muttering.

I move closer to the door,
By now the kids are on the floor
The noise is even greater
And the time is so much later.

Sister, they are calling your number,
I went over and shook her out of her slumber,
Walking in a quickened gait
She went to meet her fate.

She exited in haste
As if in a daze.
Sweat is pouring down my face
What will it be in my case?

Now it is my turn
My stomach began to churn.
Heart pounding at a fast pace
I met her face to face.

Just in case
They too were looking
 for Grace or Daze
I took a quick flight
With my head at a great height
Still waiting my turn.


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