Monday, March 9, 2015


Zara Leek stomped into the room with a scowl on her face.  Her medium sized frame suddenly grew to that of a giant,she had brought her inflated ego with her, ready to launch an attack because she was outraged that Faith decided to add more to what she called her over stacked plate.  But Zara the slickster had filled non-essentials on her plate and Faith Firm her leader had began to unravel her scheme,putting her on notice that she would be involved with sensible and defined projects going forward.

The bigger than life person, the great pretender always takes the easy road; she tried to talk her way out of the oncoming projects but Faith was relentless and would not let up.  She wanted this new style of business to take place and planned to feed it, water it, prune it until it was deeply planted.

Zara began to wag her tongue, spreading false rumours but Faith continued to lay out the fixtures on Zara's plate, creating space galore, which left her highly upset.  Zara began to venture out, stalling at times, cooking up reasons why this will not work.  Every step of the way, Unbroken Faith was there to drive home, that these are here to stay.  She knew that a steadfast dose of old fashioned, roll up your sleeves and get to work, will make this project a success.

Although unbroken, Faith cringed at Zara Leek's behavior and penned these words in dismay.

                                  Wagging  Tongues

                                         If you happen to go down
                                         what's called Gossip Lane
                                         You will find them at it again
                                         Another suspecting person has fallen victim.

                                         They will maul you
                                          stab you in the back
                                          Drag you in the mud
                                          Leaving you for dead
                                          And all this using the tongue.

                                          But just as you realized you are trashed
                                          Those same tongues begin to spew out
                                          You start to crawl out of your sullen state
                                          And their honey dripping words and pasted
                                          Let you rise again!

                                          Your gut is telling you
                                          What you hear is not real
                                          They are only dishing honey and spice
                                          To pull you right in.
                                          But you choose to ignore
                                          And foolish you are taken again
                                          Still a victim!
                                          Falling prey to false appearances.



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