Wednesday, March 25, 2015


                             We were pining for a new beginning
                              And it looked promising
                              When an offer was laid at our table.
                               Some said, I am not able
                               But others said it was not a bait
                               This has to happen, it is our FATE.

                               Gaining courage, she was the first
                               To step into the unknown
                               Only to meet upon a clown.
                               When she returned, the Blue Print on her face said,
                                "I am beaten down."

                                Demoralized, Agonized, Dismayed & Shocked
                                Her jaws seemed locked.
                                Then she said, "I was mocked"
                                Her stomach tightened
                                Jammed up in a ball of tension
                                And slowly she began to mention
                                What FATE had dealt her.

                                 She shook her head in disbelief
                                 Do you know we are farther away from relief?
                                 This harrowing experience
                                  Was such an inconvenience
                                  And a set back tugging at her soul.
                                  They had such gall
                                   Pinning my back against the wall
                                   There must be redemption
                                   We must settle this gumption.

                                   My shattered heart will be healed
                                   But their deal must be unsealed
                                   I will fight to the bitter end.
                                   And these words I send
                                   To let them know I will never join this CIRCUS


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