Sunday, January 22, 2012


                               "How wonderful it is that nobody need
                                wait a single moment before starting
                                to improve the world"
                                                          Anne Frank

When 2012 came around I did not list any resolutions. Yet in my mind, the need for doing more to make the world we live in a better place has been gnawing at my soul.  This thought has stayed with me, pops in my head without notice, catches up with me when I leisurely stroll feeling at peace.  And when I have completely attempted to remove it as I like to do with annoying thoughts, it creeps right back and comfortably settles in. No amount of meditation has been able to remove this 'beast'  It has dared me to ignore its presence and it has won.  "Yes I can do more."

It is not that I am not aware of my obligations to my world my excuse is that I am waiting for the right time, a cue to step up my game plan.  This everlasting tugging tells me that there is no escape and the time is now.  So I am going to roll with this divine order that I have been given.  This morning I began to take giant steps on this journey. I am all pumped up with the possibilities that lay ahead. The gnawing buzz has turned into a happy soul and a lighter mind, giving me the strength to make plans to do more.

I truly believe each of us must give to whichever cause is laid upon our heart.  I know what I am good at and I know that I must use what I am good at to help my world, realizing that persistence is the key.  I know about uplifting feelings and I know this generous and trusting heart will set me in the right path.  Talk is cheap you may say but once my mind is set, it is action all the way.  I want to know that I made it better for others and I know the 'Gnawer' will not allow me to lag; he is somewhere keeping an eye on me.  Stay tune for Choose To Care upcoming events.


                                  "I am only one, but still I am one.
                                   I cannot do everything but still
                                   I can do something."
                                                      Everett Hale


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Nikki Katsuki said...

Hi, I'm one of big fans of "Choose to Care," and I have a huge expectation for this great organization in 2012.

The reason is simple, "Choose to Care" always knows where people need help and they certainly carry out.