Monday, January 16, 2012

SAY YES to Investment In Our Children's Nutritional Health

Nutrition and Health messages are not only for the grown ups. As we continue to battle the alarming growth of obesity , we must be committed to address the obesity epidemic in children and adolescents.  It is important for me to be part of this change we are seeking and make every effort to do my part to explore effective and doable strategies.

Through MyPlate, the easily recognizable USDA Icon, messages are communicated to the public to help apply the behaviors.  For example: MAKE HALF YOUR PLATE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES; this is a start to get the public adding fruits and vegetables to their diet even when on a budget. This is the beginning of many buzz activities that are planned to get the attention of the public.  Similarly at "KIDS EAT RIGHT" there is a plethora of useful information and ways to get kids started on a healthy track, eating better and participating in physical activities.

CHECK OUT "Kids Eat Right" and see what resources you can use to join in this all important campaign.

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