Thursday, August 5, 2010


The sparkle of my journey of faith to Zambia has not faded although it has been some time now. After returning from that awesome visit with Margaret and Elizabeth, the two teenagers whom I sponsor through Children International, I wrote and thanked them for allowing me in their lives and for the wonderful experience I had on our various excursions. I waited anxiously for their reply."Wait a minute Mr. Postman, look and see if there's a letter in your bag for me?"

Their letter was short and sweet. In their child-like handwriting, they wrote of the happiness they felt on seeing me and that they were wearing their new clothing to school. "I remember what you told me about doing my best in school and I am studying very hard." Elizabeth wrote. I am glad she has began to heed my advice, because only through education will they have a chance to a better life.

Mr. Postman flooded my mailbox with a very important letter from Ecuador where another of my sponsored child lives. The news is also exciting, my sponsored child will be graduating from High School and I see another journey in the works. This time I hope to witness a young man prepare to meet the big wide world.

So when people ask me why I give, my response is always that this simple act has touched the most important aspects of my life; faith, family and education. I give because it provides an opportunity for those in great need to have a constant means of support in our uncertain world. After all Today's teenagers will be tomorrow's adults.
All is well!

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