Sunday, August 15, 2010

"When We Have Shoes, We All Have Shoes, When We Have No Shoes, We have No Shoes Together"

When I read this quotation, I thought how befitting, this sets the tone perfectly for the Choose To Care Organization which provides shoes for underprivileged children at home and abroad. I know very well that this wise man is not referring to shoes. Anthony Mulongo to whom this quote is attributed is the founder of "Mudzini Kwetu", a home in distant Kenya, East Africa, for parent less young girls who are left on the streets to fend for themselves. I am also in awe of Thomas Keown, a man from Boston who founded "One Home Many Hopes" here in the USA to help Anthony Mulongo. I have followed their progress for over a year and I am amazed at their achievements. They are now laying the foundation for a new home to accommodate more parent less girls. One day I will appear on their doorsteps to offer my services. For now CHOOSE TO CARE Organization has gladly made connection with One Home Many Hopes/Mudzini Kwetu and has added them to our list of beneficiaries. Here is an updated list:

*Association Solidarite Chambellanaise, Brooklyn based/building an Elementary School in Haiti and other projects.

*Active Compassion Transforms(ACT), NY based/ supports the School of Hope in Cape Town, South Africa.

*Adults, Juvenile, Empowered(AJE), Miami based/ supports orphanage in Haiti.

*Anchovy Primary School,Jamaica, West Indies/supporting the very poorest children.

*Child Fund,USA based/shoes for children in Sri Lanka.

*Children International,USA based/shoes for sponsored children in Zambia

*Fiver Children's Foundation,NY based/mentoring program for disadvantaged children.

*Vineyard Ministries,Bronx based/youth Program.

Peace and Love!

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