Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Giving is to serve a portion for oneself"
Zulu:South Africa

CHOOSE TO CARE has made connection with the Active Compassion Transforms(ACT)Organization, which inspires and empowers a group of South African students to live successful and productive lives. It was by chance that we came upon this amazing organization. This happened when we were trying to fundraise on the street, enticing the passersby to buy from JAMBA JUICE who committed to give us 20% of the sales made on the specific date dedicated to the CHOOSE TO CARE Organization. We met one of the members of ACT. Since then I have been in communication with Erika Lee the Executive Director and I am excited to work with her.

The ACT organization has been mentoring children who attend the HOPE school and live in the Cape Flats of South Africa. It is remarkable the accomplishment this organization has met since its farly young existence.(A little over a year) ACT has entered into an ambitious plan to bring 14 of the children to New York City this winter. Of course CHOOSE TO CARE will provide winter shoes for each child. But so much more is needed, visit the web site and read all about this wonderful endeavor and give a helping hand if you can. Stay tune also for the anticipated adventure the children will have. This trip will certainly have an impact on their young lives.

Stay Well!

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