Sunday, October 18, 2009


"You can become the star of the hour
If you make the minutes count."

CHOOSE TO CARE celebrated the BIG 2,it's second birthday in September, and although it is a little late we wanted to wish them well. BIRTHING was not easy. It took some time to establish our existence, our purpose and to convince our donors that we are a worthwhile organization.

Now we have made it to the toddler stage that many say is the difficult period. We did not have a birthday bash, although we are extremely happy about our accomplishments and future prospects. We will continue to make connections with people and hold them dear to our heart because CHOOSE TO CARE was never only about fundraising. We love getting together with the members of the Women's Club, telling stories of the traveling shoes and the distant they went to land on the young child's feet. As we try to make a difference in their world we hope you will continue to be engaged with our projects.

We have began to plan our next celebration, a date has not been set but this fete will take on a different tone. CHOOSE TO CARE will celebrate you, it will be a day for stepping out in style, a day to honor our connection.
Living With Gratitude!
Peace And Love!

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