Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You Wouldn't Want To Be In Their Shoes{The Plight}

The heels have grown thick with calluses and sometimes the pain is unbearable, these feet have not seen good fitting shoes in years.

The young child could hardly walk, his toes were squeezed together in the hand me down shoes that were two sizes too small, but that's all he has to wear. Everyday he wished for a pair of shoes his right size, black and shiny.

What are you doing? Placing a thick cardboard inside your shoes. Oh I see, to keep water from coming in when it rains and it is always raining in this part of the world.

Just the other day I got a wide gash on the bottom of my feet. I cleaned up the wound, tied it up with an old rag and hopped to school because I did not want to miss a day.

The back is gone and the feet dangles from what is left, barely giving support.

This pair seems to be in better shape, but look there are holes in the bottom. The gravel from the dirt road find its way inside the shoes and the young child is constantly stopping to shake them out.

I am a city kid and all around me are gorgeous looking shoes in every color imaginable, every size and shape. And all I can do is stare through the window and wish upon a star.

The thongs have worn thin and the back of the feet touches the pavement where the rubber no longer exists.

What used to be perhaps fine leather has become discolored from long wear. The stitches have began to separate at the sides. Not able to part with the only pair of shoes she owns, she uses bark from the tree to serve as laces to keep it together a little longer.

Chigger are nesting between the little kids toes, feeding on the flesh. The only care is the leaves from the "medicine trees." The elders wrap the kids feet in a piece of cloth soaked in juice from the leaves, hoping to draw out the parasites.

The soccer team is upbeat, they are on a winning streak but they wondered how long this will last. The goalies shoes have seen better days, their toes are pushing through the open gap. The shoes of the other team members are in bad shape too. The soles of the shoes are so worn that the socks sweep the ground. The heels of the shoes are worn to bare thread. Playing barefooted may be a better bet, except the field is full of sharp objects left over from others who share the run down space call playing field.

Oh what would I give for a pair of new shoes, that are easy on my feet. We hear your plea and we are trying to make a difference with a happy ending to boot. Putting a brand new pair of shoes on your feet and a smile on your face is the mission of the CHOOSE TO CARE organization.

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