Monday, December 1, 2008

Operating on a shoestring

Often times I am reminded of the biblical story of the widow's mite because she gave what she had. I am also reminded just as often of the abundance of fishes and loaves that appeared by the seaside to feed a multitude of people, although at first it seemed that there would not be enough to go around. And so with these 2 stories etched in my mind and my strong belief that you start with what you have and better will come; I am always dreaming up projects and operating on a shoestring budget to accomplish what I set out to do.

So when I met the Manager of the place where my mother and I stayed while vacationing in South Africa and he was so passionate about the soccer team in his village, miles away from his workplace I knew I had met another shoestring operator. He uses money from his small salary to sponsor the Songeni Village Soccer Club. There are 45 boys who are in need of good-fitting soccer shoes and jerseys. I am sitting here "cooking" up ways to purchase the goods and have them reach their destination safely. With little money in the till, things are tight but that does not stop me from seeing a new pair of shoes on their feet and a smile on their faces. And I also envision from the end of the field that kick that scored the winning goal. They are hoping for a miracle and it will happen because we dared to make a move, albeit on a shoestring budget. More to come.

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