Sunday, February 6, 2022

Proudly Rising To The Challenge

 The enormity of the sufferings around us frequently weighs on me.  My endless passion to help those in need has not stalled.  I know I could not wait for the world to reopen to continue with my charitable projects.  So the lockdown has not stopped me from being an advocate for the children in public schools, who are in need of resources to lift them up.

Choose To Care(CTC) the nonprofit organization created to provide a brand new pair of shoes for children in need, has continued to sponsor public school classroom projects. We do this through Donors Choose(donors, the organization that makes it easy for anyone to assist a classroom in need, when teachers throughout the USA, submit project requests.

For the month of February, we at CTC have chosen Hosts-Lincoln Academy of Science in the Bronx, NY. Their kind and supportive teacher, Mr. Friedman, applied for his 7-8 grade students, the majority of whom come from low income households.  He used colorful titles, such as: "No More Shin Splints" through which I read his relief when sponsorship is given. "Run Like The Wind" "Run Forest Run" seem to show the results  of a new pair of shoes, no stopping them now.

Be a Change Agent. Let's pay it forward and do our part to change the world and make it a better place for us all. 

Thank you kindly for supporting teachers and their students. And here is another responsibility we should not forget. Let's all promote sustainable actions to keep Mother Earth Green.

Peace & Love!

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