Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Sunny Side Up

 For the month of June, Choose To Care (CTC) is shining the light on Mr. Padgett's project from the Jim Hill High School,Jackson, Mississippi. This caring teacher wrote to Donors Choose(donors, the nonprofit organization created to support teachers and students projects across the country.

We are forever in awe of the length the teachers will go ensure that their students have the resources they need to help them thrive.  We do have a renewed reverence for all teachers, watching them defy what seemed like the impossible, to continue teaching during the pandemic.

At CTC we will continue to engage in showing kindness to these children in need, so that they can feel a sense of value and belonging and not be ashamed because of their circumstances.  Creating change is the aim of the CTC organization.  Pablo Picasso wrote: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away"

We are patiently trying to provide the children with the tools they need to be successful in school and we know for sure that even a small gesture can transform them in what seems like a magical manner. Our message to the children is to work hard and don't give up on hope.  It is our responsibility to help the youth have lives of growth and fulfillment. We are honored to sponsor this classroom project, which the teacher dubbed "It's Gotta Be The Shoes, Part 2" A line he said he borrowed from the Air Jordan commercial featuring  Spike Lee. We are happy that these practice shoes will give your team a uniform look as you wanted.

Friends, please choose to be an ally to these champion teachers when you get the chance!

Yours In Inspiration!

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