Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 The Pillars Of The Gambia was founded by a colleague who visited The Gambia,West Africa, saw the need and went to work.  Although a speck in the landscape, I am always ready to give a helping hand.  It is my belief that we can do more together.

The focus is on St. Peter's Skill Center, located in Lamin, The Gambia, where young women attend school for three years.  They learn to sew, receive computer classes and take other subjects, meant to give them a chance to create a livelihood.

The graduating class of 2021 has 16 students preparing to enter the working world and the Pillars Of Gambia is giving them a helping hand to add another tool in their tool belt, hoping they will feel empowered to thrive.

The Pillars Of Gambia has supplied sewing machines, sewing materials, good fitting shoes from my organization, CHOOSE TO CARE and other goods. The organization has also built two flushing toilets, introducing better sanitation for the aspiring dressmakers.

Our attention turns to the graduation class; proper certificates, gowns to be worn with pride and any additional kindness to make this a special day.  Most of the students have a great desire to own their own business.  We have presented a competition/task to them, asking that they write what they think it will take for them to become entrepreneurs. We would like them to use their energy and creativity to follow paths that can take them to the possibilities that await.  For their effort to set up this "business plan" there will be three prizes.  The winner will walk away with a sewing machine, the second and third prizes will receive small amounts of seed money for their dream to be business women.

We also want the students to know that opportunities will not be packaged and presented to them in a perfect way, most of the times; it takes hard work, sweat and sometimes tears.  But we are looking out for them, we have a passion to make a difference and hope they will view life through  more optimistic lens.

 These are small steps that can lead to big changes.

Our gratitude to our supporters!  The joy of service  lives on!

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