Wednesday, March 25, 2020


I usually receive frequent emails from a multitude of organizations requesting aid; this includes the two organizations through which I sponsor six children in dire need, by monthly set contributions,  This small act has made a life-changing difference for these valuable children.

But since the corona virus outbreak, the correspondence has grown to such an urgent level.
I do get it!
Our busy routines have been interrupted and I sense that they are anxious that donation may slack off and they will not have enough to support these precious children.

Unfortunately, we at CHOOSE TO CARE (CTC) had to cancel this year's fundraising event because of this disruption. Instead, we have set up a GoFundMe Account.

Yes, anxiety has crept into our lives because we are living in uncertain times.  These uncertain times call for special action.
Show Kindness  - reach out in whatever ways possible for you.
Find Humor - Humor is a balm that I swear by.
Mediate - This certainly quiets the mind
Play Music - Listen, Move to the beat

All the above activities have lessen the worries that can invade the mind. And a hot cup of cardamom laced chai is my go to beverage that raises my level of sanity. Let's take a deep breath.

Let's stand in solidarity!
Keep Faithful!
Stay Nourished!


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