Sunday, September 15, 2019


                               Bindya was happy as a lark
                               High spirited with a smile
                               That shone as bright as the
                               Sunshine bursting from the skies

                               Her steps were quick
                               But she paused long enough
                               To throw a coin
                                In the pool of water in her path
                               This she used as her make believe wishing well

                                "What a lovely day"
                                  She called out in a cheerful, melodious voice
                                  Caring not, who stared at her quirky behavior
                                  She rocked to the beat of the music
                                  Blaring in her ears
                                  The deafening sound was no bother

                               She beckoned and nodded
                               To those who looked her way
                               "Join me" she shouted
                               "Recharge your spirits"
                                 As she cantered along
                                  There joining her was a line of
                                Believers,Hopefuls,Crusaders,Joyful Souls

                                 She looked back and her face lit up
                                 "That's the power of a smile"
                                 As she skipped and bounced
                                 Leading the way in a cheerful voice
                                 She and her followers sang
                                 To their hearts content
                                 "Oh wonderful and glorious world
                                 I will always embrace you"

psw(from the Jump for Joy Series)

Questions To Ponder
What do you think Bindya was wishing for in her make believe wishing well?
Those who joined her are labeled, what is the significance?
What would have happened if the Author had Bindya hurrying instead of cantering?
How would you sum up Bindya's attitude? What is her lure? Your take away messages?

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