Wednesday, April 10, 2019


                                 Easing On Down To Kindness Road

                                 She cried out to no one in particular
                           Hoping anyone and everyone would hear her plea
                                "This is not a hard road to travel," she said.
                                 "Come let me show you how
                            Get ready for a journey down Kindness Road"

                                 Fret not if you come across a bump, here and there
                                 First timers may feel a bit sore
                                 But on your next round
                                 You will make it without a moan

                               Just point to the way to Kindness Road
                               She shows him, he shows another
                               To the left, to the right, around the bend
                               You can't miss it.
                               Any turn will lead to Kindness Road

                              "What if I have a change of heart?" you ask
                               Too late, says the Genie
                               That's the wish granted to your fellowmen
                                And it has spread like wildfire.
                                Any Street, Any Lane, The Alley, The Avenue
                                Will take you down Kindness Road
                                There you will find them
                                 Joyfully banding together
                                 For a kinder world

                            RECIPE FOR CREATING POSSIBILITIES
                                      Start with positive vibes,
                                      Throw in together, understanding,
                                      Kindness and respect,patience and fortitude
                                      Add a dollop of compassion,
                                      For wholesome goodness.
                                      Make adjustment for bitter taste,
                                     Add more delights, a good amount of wisdom,
                                     A pile of hope, with a joyful spirit.
                                     Sprinkle lots of GRATITUDE
                                     And mix to balance it out;
                                     Seal in the flavor and keep it preserved.
                                     Savor it all.  Offer a BIG SERVING,
                                     Every chance you get!

Choose To Care Benefit Event, held on 4-6-19 was a success  and because of your generous contribution of your time and donation, you have now become an integral part of a project that aims to bring dignity to the child in need.  The gift of a brand new pair of shoes has the power of helping the child and young adult, face and deal with the perils of this world.

I am their cheerleader, I told myself and at this event I knew that I am not alone because you came out to join forces to break down barriers and open doors for others.
             "Willing, Capable and Ready, were the labels you wear"
              " Your heavy  dose of Kindness has made me jump for joy"

With Gratitude!


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