Saturday, February 16, 2019


We had the pleasure of  watching a video of about 55 girls from a sewing class which is a section of the St Peter's Basic School, Lamin, Kombo North District, Gambia.
These young girls are aspiring to be top dressmakers, but they are in need of the tools to make their dreams come true.   We asked what are the materials they most needed and they responded scissors, thread, zippers, sewing machines, cloths and so on.

They also have computer lessons and Choose To Care(CTC) is getting ready to propose nutrition, physical activity and environmental lessons.  We will also provide them with a brand new pair of shoes, fulfilling the mission of CTC to protect the feet of the child in need and  set them on a meaningful journey.  We are ready to help these young women find their way.  They have a line of clothing but no where to sell them, we are investigating ways, that they can earn a living for their labor.

They talked about their graduation day and I can only imagine how exciting that must be for them.  We have no doubt that we can help them to have a brighter future.  As we plan our shindig , we wondered out loud if this should not be the place to start our effort for the children of The Gambia.   We are asking each attendee at our April 6, event to bring a pair of scissors for the barrel  we are planning to send to these deserving girls for whom we wish a more enjoyable and productive life.

Each and every time we start a new project  we keep in mind these words: "It always seem impossible, until it is done" - Nelson Mandela.

Peace and Love!

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