Sunday, August 19, 2018


What a cunning title, I thought, they are using the concept of a library, where books are taken out and returned.  But it saddened me when later as I scrolled through the shoe projects from classrooms that needed shoes for their students and realized what this really meant.  Teachers Ask/Donor Choose(, is the organization that seeks funding for teachers' classrooms, in impoverished areas all over the USA.  As the say,"an organization that connects the public to public schools."

In this particular project that I dubbed the cunning name,  the teacher found this as the answer to the students who came to school wearing ill-fitted shoes for sports. They borrow to play the game and at the end of the game they must return the pair of shoes to the shoes library. Needless to say,Choose To Care(CTC) along with other donors, fully funded this project.

Each time someone asks, why shoes, I only wish they would read some of these stories, the teachers tell of the way the kids come to school, some wearing shoes with holes in them or a size too small, wearing flip-flops in the winter months, duck taped shoes without laces.

Because of these inadequate footwear, that cause pain and soreness of their feet, the kids cannot focus in school.  These concerned teachers, use compelling titles to tell their stories of despair and anxiety.
Titles such as:

  • Shoes Blues - which conjures a sad note
  • Kids Needs Shoes - getting right to the point
  • Desperately Needing Shoes - a cry for immediate help
  • Get Every Kid Active & Moving During Physical Education - we certainly want to see energized kids

The Teachers would like us to know that donating to their projects will help the kids in poverty escape from some harsh realities for a little while and make playing safe and easier. CTC will do their best to put a brand new pair of shoes on the feet of as many children as possible.

"Yes we will, it is in our hands." psw


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic job....seeing the smiles on the faces of the receiver is priceless and so rewarding and so simple and FREE. Confucius said" He who wishes to secure the goods of others, has already secured his own." Your Choose To Care Charity has immensely touched so many families over many continents. Your giving heart touches young and old. You are a treasure to us all. It is an honor to be able to gain the foresight of your mission for the on-going generations. Proud to be a follower of the "Mission of Choose To Care" One pair of fitted shoes at a time and before you know it the community is smiling on a solid foundation that was given out of love. Keep up the fantastic mission. Proud to be on board.