Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Yesterday Mendacity beat upon her with words of hatred; tongue lashing, fiery words of contempt spewed from her lips.  She has worked herself into a frenzy.  Her face twisted in fury, her eyes bulging with an expression of fear, exhausted she flopped herself down, consumed with bitterness.

Today she invited the one she has cursed with wishes of fire and brimstone, to view her rendition of well-being.  Posted on the wall for the world to see were words and picture scenes, assembled with messages of health.

As if to prolong her presence with the one she despises, she painstakingly explained the meaning of this display, step by step.  She moved with excitement as the RECEIVER of her condemnation looked on in awe.  This is a far cry from the carnage she continues to bring upon her.  These words flashed through her mind, DECEIVER, PRETENDER, BETRAYER, CALLOUS MANIPULATOR, TORTURER.

Dear Savior of the world, bestow kindness, mercy and gentleness on this bearer of DANGER; keep her targets far away from her, keep them from her reach, protect them all.

One Love!


*Mendacity is an unusual name - seek the meaning.

*Why do you think she has invited the one she cursed to view her renderings?

*Take a guess at a possible meaning for the picture & word scenes with messages of well-being

*She lingered as she showed her work of art - why?

*What makes you think that the cursed one does not trust this joy and excitement?

*Read again the: "Dear Savior" passage - Why is there a call for mercy and safeguarding at the same time?

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