Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lifting Up The Youth - The Work Of Our Lifetime

NAFIA(Nutritionists And Friends In Action) has been created so that a very willing and able group of invigorated folks can gather and plan activities that introduce the youth to the start of a healthy pathway.  This gathering is also an opportunity for us to look at our present selves and wonder out loud if a remake is necessary and what the new self would like to be, taking action to make it happen.
I truly believe the caretaker must take care of him/herself and make every effort to reset the body between rest and labor.Yet as we come together we will be mindful not to throw away anything we have done because we want to transform ourselves.Our plan is to take the good portions, the positive elements and make every effort to fit them into our new selves that we constantly have under construction.

I envision a truly highly spirited clan,using their skills in eagerness to build a healthier and sustainable community, starting with the youth.  My sincere gratitude to each and everyone as we plan our back to school event in August in the Corona area.The precious young children  will not only leave with a brand new pair of shoes, in keeping with the Not-For- Profit,CHOOSE TO CARE's mission, to provide the kid in need with a brand new pair of shoes; but they will gain knowledge of the benefits of living well.

This edification of the youth has become a lifetime work and the enthusiasm it has produced is indeed catching.  We hope to lure others, not only to give a helping hand to NAFIA but to explore all the possibilities, with an eye on a brighter future.Our balanced minds are working for yet another chance to bring joy and hope.

Stay tune for details of our upcoming end of summer celebration.  We hope you can join us!


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