Monday, February 8, 2016

Growing Tomato From Your Windowsill To Your Table

Another holiday season is fast approaching and the supporters of CHOOSE TO CARE delight in celebrations.  We are getting ready to continue our quest to have kids eat right and stay fit; this time our enthusiasm will heat  up during the Easter season, when plants begin to creep from under the soil and birds are chirping.

CHOOSE TO CARE folks are watching tomato plants sprout,planting at 6 weeks before the event, seeing the progress at 4 weeks and 2 weeks before the special day; at which time we will engage the youth in how things grow, highlighting the theme: "Plants need nourishment to grow and so do you."
They will learn why tomato is good and delicious and we will throw in the goodness of a few more vegetables to get them thinking and to seal that, they will spend some time coloring pictures of foods that are good for them.

In keeping with the "Let's Move" mission, we will give the kids a chance to impress us with their latest moves; then we will settle down to a delicious nutritious snack with tomatoes taking center stage. To get them started, each kid will go home with their very own container of tomato seeds that they will plant as part of the day's activity and these precious kids will also receive a brand new pair of shoes.

In case you are not familiar, CHOOSE TO CARE was formed to provide a brand new pair of shoes that fits for the youth in need.  This learning-together basics is the growing event of CHOOSE TO CARE's mission  and we are hopeful this trend will resonate with our young population.


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