Saturday, December 19, 2015


"Kindness begets kindness" says the Greek proverb.

I am always filled with admiration for the persons who are committing an act of kindness and are able to even pepper such deed with gusto, as if it is their normal way of living, and I am sure it is.
We were in a store buying shoes for some 30 underprivileged kids, no expectations whatever; lo and behold, two unsung heroes decided to give us a helping hand.  One kind soul, a store employee, returned panting from another branch with a shoe size we needed, while the cashier focused on getting us as much as we could for our buck.  The shoe store was having a sale; for every $50 spent the customer would receive a $10 discount.  This meant many transactions, piecemeal work that needed a lot of patience. And that she had.  This was indeed a lesson in humility.

So the day finally arrived and the CHOOSE TO CARE helpers watched the kids and their parents shuffled to songs that commanded movement back and forth, a little workout is better than none. They played the game of "sometimes foods" versus "everyday foods" and we knew we were on the right track, introducing a healthy pathway at this tender age.  On the top of their nicely gift wrapped shoebox was another set of messages:

  • We are happy to provide you with a brand new pair of shoes
  • That fits you right
  • Brings pride,joy and hope
We encouraged them to stay in school, to eat foods that keep them well and to exercise more. At this young age they may not understand that education is the path out of poverty and it is an opportunity for a happier life but we are depending on the parents to repeat and continue this story telling until they get it.  Today the cheers and the smiles on their faces and the festive mood, said it all.  We were indeed proud to present this gift in their honor.

The sisterhood even grew bigger this time around.  We were blessed with a few more helping hands whose handiwork was visible in the splendid decorations that read:
  • Youth In Action
  • Families Coming Together
  • Making One Change At A Time
Thanks to all who joined in making this a heart warming event for the children of South Jamaica.  Next time it will be another group of deserving children with whom we will continue to spread our message of HOPE.

Happy Holidays!
Peace & Love!



Brawta said...

Keep up this wonderful work! Helping a child is always rewarding

Merlyn Hayes said...

Education is the key to the door of knowledge. With the comfort of sole, it brings joy to the soul. Continue the great work that you are doing.

Unknown said...

It is always an honor to make a small contribution to your broad vision that positively impacts everyone who crosses your pathway. I pledge to do all that I can to bring your mission to fruition. Together we can bring sunshine to a child's dark world.

Rifat Khan said...

Such a great way to integrate nutrition in young children's lives! Activities like these are what encourage kids to make healthy choices in a fun way. Indeed education and healthy choices are the key to achieving better lives. Starting with something as simple but necessary as a pair of shoes begins the pathway to a happier and healthy life.

Merlyn Hayes said...

"It takes a village to raise a child." -African Proverb