Saturday, July 19, 2014

MEET THE FOUNDER - Paulette Sinclair-Weir

As the game of soccer brought excitement to Brazil{FIFA2014}, I began to think about my trip to this amazing country, filled with excitement and wonders.  Even with all that beauty, I could not forget the many barefooted children that I saw throughout the streets.

It was not the first time that I had seen kids without shoes, bearing callous heels, others in thread bare flip flops, or shoes held together with pieces of strings.
This time I was ready to do something more and CHOOSE TO CARE was born.

CHOOSE TO CARE is so much more than shoes, it is also about making life more meaningful for the child who is in need.  So we seek out organizations providing for the youth, such as DONORS CHOOSE whose motto is "Teachers ask.You Choose" This organization helps public school teachers fund classroom projects.{}

Whether we are providing athletic shoes for Ms. Townsend's class in Spokane, Washington or ballet shoes for Ms. Morganstern's class at PS310 in the Bronx, who are having the experience of their lives in the performing arts, or Ms. Todra's Tip Top Tappers at PS172 in Brooklyn, who needed tap shoes;
we hope that this simple act for kids at home, kids in Zambia or some other distant land, will help them stay in school and make a difference in their lives, because they now own a proper fitting pair of shoes.

It is our pleasure to provide shoes that fit right and bring joy and hope.  Thanks to all who believe in our mission and continue to bring goodwill and lend support.  We are deeply grateful for your generosity.

"From a little spark may burst a mighty flame"


Merlyn H said...

Happy New Year everyone. Don't forget to support Choose to Care, make someone smile this year by bringing joy and share a moment of care.

Merlyn Hayes said...

Choose to care really cares about the well being of others. A smile to someone's heart says a thousand words that someone cares. Building their confidence to see the world as a better place to be in.

Merlyn Hayes said...

Choose to care have been helping people all around the world. They have been given the tools they need to have a better life. Support choose to care and change someone's life.