Saturday, April 12, 2014


You let out a cry to announce your entry into the world, and the earth welcomed another resident.
Through the growing years the smile on your face was bright as the sunshine.  You skipped and romped with not a care.  A sprained ankle, a broken bone, just a temporary set back you called it, knowing you would heal and be back on your feet.

The people who love you had great hope for you.  They said you would be a champion.
As the years go by, sometimes the sun was hidden and the dark clouds opened up, thunder and lighting bolted across the skies.  But just like the storm that destroys nature to have it grow and thrive again; you continued to go with the tide and rise again after each tempestuous journey.

You grumbled like the others and wondered what this world was coming to?  Uprisings, countries toppled, Tsunamis, some inhabitants like mother nature are in a constant rage.  You shook your head and predicted that these goings on marked the end of the world, echoing the sentiments of world-wide  prophecy.  But the sun shines again and you put your worries aside and embraced this wonderful world of ours.

Life is good and your smile widens on your still smooth skin, although a few fine lines have began to settle in.  You didn't quite make it to the top of the ladder but you climbed enough rungs to feel just as proud.  And you gave a helping hand and made space for others as much as you could.

Then out of the clear blue sky, they discovered the unexpected.  The legs that carried you up and about have lost their lift.  You carefully placed your feet down not wanting to be caught off balance.  You know the bones won't mend so fast this time around, things have changed.  It is not like before when a cut and a bruise healed in no time with an epsom salt soak and a dab of iodine.

Then aches decided to be your constant companion on this part of the  journey.  A dull pain is residing in the back.  You cannot bend too low to pick up that pen that slipped out of your hand because you no longer have a tight enough grip on.
"What did you say?" you asked.  Even when the person speaking is close by.  You know the face but the name has escaped you.  You have removed your glasses so you can see the words much plainer and this was not the fine prints, rather BIG BOLD LETTERS.
The thinning hairline and white strands of hair have sprung up fast and want you to forget your once vibrant color and full head of hair that cascaded down your face and neck.

You fear the big A&C for which there is no cure. And with each new ache comes a new name and a new dread.  Disaster strikes over and over.  It hits those dearest to you, young and old.  And you have come to the reality that life has its ups and downs.  Dear friend, let me tell you, occupying earth comes with many challenges.  All you can do is to keep living the best that you can.  Quiet your mind and tap into your purpose for living, as we make room for another innocent entrance into this vast and moody world of ours.


  1. What does black clouds, thunder and lighting signify?
  2. Name a few times that "you went with the tide"
  3. There is reference to a 'moody' world/explain
  4. What have you done to make this world a better place?
  5. What is the crux of this message?
  6. Think about your passage of time so far
  7. It ended,"as we make room for another innocent entrance" /decipher

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Unknown said...

To make this world a better place, I help when and where needed specifically when not expected or asked of me. Even if the recipient is not thankful, I feel good to allow good to flow from me.