Saturday, January 11, 2014


My friend said "put it on your bucket list"  Bucket list is one of those coined phrase that you hear frequently, and according to the urban dictionary, it was most likely derived from the term "kick the bucket." These are the things you wish to do before you leave this earth. Not too long ago, I had a simple "To Do List" and sometimes I call it  a "Wish List"  Anytime I read about a hotspot, that travel destination makes the list, likewise a new restaurant and so on.  This heavily laden bucket list gets unloaded once in a while when I carry through a wish but it soon creeps right back up because there is still so much more to discover.

When I first read about someone finding their sweet spot, I knew right away that it meant that place that gives you great satisfaction, you have nailed it, and it feels real good.  Here again, I find multiple things to call my sweet spots; traveling, theater and helping those in need.  It was not too long ago that after traveling to a distant land, I took an overnight trip to visit one of my sponsored children. While travelling to this rural village, there was a peaceful and restful aura that came over me and remained throughout this amazing journey. There were no inhibitions when we met, this was the face of the smiling child who I  knew only through photos and letters.  I sat in the midst of her family and friends as they tried to entertain me, and I could not help thinking how comfortable this setting was, language was not a barrier although I did not speak their language and neither did they speak mine; that I looked different than everyone surrounding me did not matter, we were having a jolly good time; yes indeed I had found my sweet spot.

There were many in a training  I attended who were describing their huddle at the beginning of the day at work.  They described it as getting on the right foot, bringing everyone up to date as to the reality and expectations of the day; such as understaffing or new demands from superiors. It is the kind of word that exposes you to friendly and warm gesture.  An so it is when I join my 'besties' for our quarterly huddles, when we meet to break bread and make merry.  I am always filled with gratitude at these encounters, eager for the next upcoming huddle.

While I am on this journey of faith I pledge to reset my body between rest and labor, lessen my quickened pace and take time each day to notice my surroundings and embrace this wonderful world we live in, one filled with endless possibilities. I will fill my bucket with things that matter and create ways to be filled with gratitude and find limitless joy while searching for more sweet spots and await with great expectations the next meet-up with my 'besties.'

I am not sold on 'selfie' but 'ego candy' is a catchy one that I will leave for another time. Happy New Year!


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