Friday, July 5, 2013


There I was feeling anxious about the many things I still had to complete when I saw these words,HELLO TOMORROW on a magazine in the airline I was travelling in.  Later on I discovered this was their motto.  How welcoming these words were.  They allowed me to stop and pause and sort things out.  Yes there is TOMORROW.
So I have adopted this mantra to use in my daily living, simply translated, I am aware that TOMORROW comes with hope, so I beckon it, but I also embrace today because it is wise and important to live in the present.

                                         "Forget yesterday,
                                           Live for today,
                                           Tomorrow will take
                                           Care of itself."

So as I was beaming with the sound of my new saying: HELLO TOMORROW, a kind-hearted and caring person gave me the most beautiful tea towel and there was the word DEVOUR on that special token.  Under DEVOUR, was a listing of things such as old films, music, books, painting, poems, dreams, random conversations, etc; all things that appeal to me. What a great word! Yes, I will DEVOUR more words, travel, family, friends and the list could go on and on. It gave me an idea on how I could apply this special word to the projects I am now involved with, taking them to another level. I will DEVOUR my love for educating children and their families about healthy eating; I will DEVOUR my love of educating adults to read and write; I will DEVOUR my desire to extend my hands to those in need, especially children living in poverty, globally; I will continue to DEVOUR the mission of Choose To Care, so children in need will have a brand new pair of shoes,allowing them to stay in school and bring dignity to their impoverished lives.

HELLO TOMORROW, the inspirational words that bring me hope will energize me to DEVOUR the plans I have made for a better me, a better community, and even stretch as far as to include hope for a better world. Using those words in tandem will allow me to:

                                               "Live for today,
                                                 Learn from yesterday,
                                                 Hope for tomorrow."

Keep adapting my friends!



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