Sunday, December 9, 2012


Dear Kindred Spirit,

                            I try all year to pay attention to those I hold dear to me.  And I hope I did just that!  The end of the year is in sight and I am grabbing yet another chance during this season of merriment to stop and take the time to focus on our blessings, to make amends and truly show my appreciation for the people who have meant so much to me.
                           Thanks for your support, your friendship, your kind words. We have teased each other, have belly laughs, bounced back from adversaries and continued to embrace this ever changing life.

                            And my hope is that even when the thread(spirit) that keeps us tightly woven seem to be coming apart(life's upheaval), we will still find the time to pull out our sewing kit( to find strength, courage, faith,hope) and mend(stay intact) as best as we can.

                               My wish, my friends, is that each time we are tested, we will think of gratifying moments and rise above our woes. So let's make a pledge to ourselves that when we think of life's difficult journey, we will also think of our blessings, no matter how small.  This balancing act you may discover will give you time to determine that life is not so bad after all.  It will give you a sense of security that will help you face life's challenges. You will not tarry too long in the 'pity department' anymore; instead you will find yourself expressing gratitude and appreciation, over and over for life's experiences.

                                  I am thankful for your presence, for life, family and good health.  As you celebrate and connect with your love ones, keep the holidays fun, safe and nutritious; work to maintain your weight and leave some wiggle room to enjoy your favorite food.

Keep Adapting! Keep it all sewn up!

Wishing you a happy holiday and a prosperous New Year!

"The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose."
Kahlil Gibran


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