Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swinging Into ACTion

Another group of young and ambitious South African students from the School of Hope, Cape Town will be here to have an experience of their lifetime.  This eventful journey made possible by the Active Compassion Transforms Organization (ACT), that I gush over from time to time.  I am often times spell bound by the achievements of this young and vibrant organization that has touched the lives of so many of the youth whose impoverished lives have taken a toll on them.  But they have risen again through the helping hands of  Erika Lee, the Executive Director and all the others who work earnestly to make this trip happen. Their work throughtout the year which includes matching each student with a mentor is non-stop preparation for a brighter future.  The  preparation and the cost are not easy roads to travel down but the ACT team is at it again, making a difference, one ACT at a time.

Not too long ago I listened to a sermon of the mustard seed; when it is sown it is the smallest seed but it takes root and delivers in such abundance. My thoughts turned to this organization's mission and just like the mustard seed, no matter how small the efforts,  it continues to touch the lives of the children in so many big ways. I will bring a student or two to my place of work so that they will get a sense of the working world.  I will join with my colleague and take them all on a shopping spree, thus fulfilling the mission of the CHOOSE TO CARE Organization, which is to provide a brand new pair of shoes for the youth in need. I am triumphantly awaiting their arrival.

Cheers for a class ACT!

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