Monday, February 21, 2011


I wiped a tear away and looked around hoping that no one saw me. I did not want to give an explanation for the tears that welled up in my eyes. But there were others doing the same thing, after listening to the young men and women from South Africa's School of Hope speak about their young lives.

The Active Compassion Transforms(ACT) mentees class of 2010 along with their teacher were here on a two weeks excursion, made possible by the ACT organization. In spite of a life laden with trials and tribulations, this group of young adults were on a new journey. They told their stories of the past but did not linger on their hardship, instead they spoke with confidence about the path their lives have taken, fully aware of the possibilities that lay ahead.

We were gathered for the gala planned in their honor and as the band played, we mingled and ate the delicious meal, some prepared by the hands of these grateful young men and women. This evening was for them but they profusely thanked their mentors and all who contributed to their new-found happiness and well-being. The spirit of the room was kind, joyful,inviting and everyone seemed happy to be of service to those in need.

I am always in awe of Erica Lee, the founder of this wonderful organization. She had a vision and has worked hard to take it to this juncture. One of the speakers at the affair said that no one would believe the work it takes to put this all together. I know this is not a small feat, it's just that Erica wears hard work so well, no sweat is visible. She does not seek accolades; she only wants the best for these budding young men and women. She wants them to believe in themselves and to continue to have hope. Kudos to all the volunteers for the magnificent job they have done.

The Choose To Care Organization wanted to make sure their feet were taken care of; our shopping spree was full of glee and not soon forgotten. My dear young men and women, walk safely and with pride even when the shoes are scuffed and the heels are worn down. Let nothing hinder your progress.
"When we have shoes
we all have shoes,
when we have no shoes
we have no shoes together."

The above contributed to Anthony Mulango of the Mudzini Kwetu home for abandon girls in Kenya, East Africa. I have translated that to mean that we are indeed our brothers and sisters keepers. Visit ACT

Peace & Love!

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