Sunday, November 14, 2010


A new season had began and the time had come for us to be back together for more of a good thing, this time around there was going to be dancing. It was three (3) months since our last gathering and we were hungry, not only for the delicious cuisine that the 20/20 Downtown Club promised but we were 'starving' for relaxation and mingling.

We stepped into a crowded room where people lined the walls and I immediately knew that we had made a huge mistake, there was music alright, so loud that it was about to pierce our eardrums but hardly any standing room. The manager politely told us that we had not made any mistakes, we had a confirmed reservation but they just could not accommodate us.

We were happy to make a quick exit and we headed to Maryannes, our stomping ground, the same restaurant where we had left our footprints three(3) months ago, at our last gathering. They welcomed us and quickly set up the tables to accommodate us. We have sang praises for the great tasting dishes but tonight Maryanne's has earned yet another stripe, this time for superb hospitality. We were off to a good start; the laughter, the chatter, the clamoring for attention set the tone for our end of year outing and we were determined to have a blast. There were a few new faces and the meet and greet and catch-up started. We studied the menu, some of us already knowing what delicious choices we would make.

The Birthday Girl was surprised when the waitstaff brought out a cake with wishes of long life emblazoned on top. We all sang with gusto, out of tune, in high pitched voices, what did it matter! We had set this time aside to perform the BALANCING ACT. Everyone seemed relaxed,it is as if we had put all our worries on the back burner and there was no room for arrogance. Tonight we were able to quiet our minds, even in this din. We had cut ourselves some slack and we had the time of our life.There was certainly a lot of energy in this place.

And the winner is? Lucky walked away with WORDS, a compilation of quotations, poems and photos. Some of us tarried a while longer as the group dwindled. "Keep it together, until the next time," was my way of bidding everyone a safe journey. This Women's Club group handled the night's missteps well; our feathers were not ruffled, we took it all in strides. As I stepped outside, the warm air hit my face, I looked up to the clear skies and whispered "color me happy."
It was Maurice Chevalier who wrote:
"Each moment is a treasure, enjoy it!
We are travelers on life's highway, enjoy the trip.
Each lovely twist and byway, each bump and dip.
Voila, that's life, enjoy it!"

A Merry New Year to you all!

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Nikki Katsuki said...

It was great seeing you all again. I shared the precious time with lovely people. Yes! Each moment is a treasure, I really think so.