Saturday, March 6, 2010


"How wonderful it is that nobody
need wait a single moment before starting
to improve the world."
Anne Frank

I keep my TO DO LIST very long, it is constantly updated, the accomplishments are crossed out with a big smile and another activity is added; so my list is eternal. I even go a step further and add a travel section. I get a lot of pleasure planning for the parts of the world I would like to see, always thinking it will happen, just when, remains the question. The lure to where I step foot is a mixed bag of reasons and includes:

To see a colleague's homeland
To take in the scenic beauty
Just for relaxation

Lately, I have added missionary work. Although I have always done a little of this on every outing, it has never been official. Now I am ready to go on what I consider an important journey. I am a sponsor of 5 beautiful underprivileged children through Children International and one child through Child Fund. These are two United States established organizations that work in various countries to give these children a fighting chance in this difficult world. These organizations have built centers in various countries to accomodate these children, giving them a safe place to go to receive medical benefits, enjoy a meal which may be the only real one for the day, get clothing, books and help with schooling and participate in extracurricular activities. This will cost a sponsor twenty-two to twenty-eight dollars{$22-$28}. For more information, visit:

So now I read from my list, it says "Plan to visit all the countries of your sponsored children" They are scattered, from Zambia, Honduras, Ecuador, India to Arkansas, USA. How will I choose where to go? This time I am heading to Lusaka, Zambia. I have researched the distant land and came up with 'impoverished' which is of no surprise. I am drawn to this poverty stricken land, where I am sure to find gem; this is where two of my sponsored children call home. I have contacted Children International and I am making plans for my visit, which I hope will bring small moments of kindness and goodness in a harsh world. As time draws nearer I will update you!

So Long,
Peace & Love!

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