Sunday, January 17, 2010

Digging Our Feet In Deep

"There can be hope only
for a society which
acts as one big family,
not as many separate ones."

As we ushered in the new year and ignoring the winter blahs, the Women's club met at Deans, a SoHo neighborhood restaurant to chow down some Italian cuisine. We welcomed the new faces and thanked both old and newcomers for joining our soiree. The house music was up loud, bent on drowing out our conversations but was no match for us, we needed to have a voice, we needed to be heard. After placing our order, the Manager played our tune:CELEBRATE! by KoolAnd the Gang as an interlude to emphasize the reason for our gathering; to celebrate ourselves.

Tonight our thoughts turned to many of our co-workers who are faced with the arduous job of caring for loved ones who are under the weather. Our concerns turned to Haiti's disaster and an on-looker, another diner at a nearby table, chimed in to cheer us on as we send goodwill to the Haitian people.

I shared the adventure we had in the past week with 2 visiting students from Cape Town, South Africa. The folks at the Ridgewood Center did a fantastic job in showcasing their stuff. My celebration today, was centered around an organization called, ACTION COMPASSION TRANSFORMS,(ACT) for short which sponsored these amazing children, giving them HOPE. Read all about it on my blog titled:"Hanging with the Mentees." This act of kindness has brought such joy.

The food was pleasing to the palate. The crusty bread dipped into the flavored olive oil said,"here's to your health." The cuisine was delicious to the last drop, there were many a clean plates and no complaints. They have earned their stripes!

We made the rounds to greet each other, lingering to chitchat and play catch-up. Choose TO Care is opened to new ideas, bursting with the enrgy of renewal. We are deeply committed. We are in a revved up state of mind to give HOPE where we can, again and again because the dividends on our investment when we give of ourselves is tremendous, just out of this world. Thanks to all who think CHOOSE TO CARE is worthy of their time. The goals we set for the new year is merely to improve upon what we did last year and continue to strive to make this a better world for us all.

We gave a nod to our next get together and as we stepped out into the night, I could only hope that each and everyone of us will reflect on our purpose and celebrate our remarkable journey, even when there are roadblocks. Together we will go far.



Anonymous said...

thank you for all your effort. we will continue our support to choose to care. together we can bring hope and joy to many in need. i enjoyed the evening of celebration in women's club.It is time to connect, laugh, and relax, discovering new cuisine and new atmosphere. looking forward for another one.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your very important venture on providing much needed shoes for children around the world. I am very proud to be part of this undertaking and grateful you created all the activites encompassing this project. Thanks again for spearheading such a wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

I am eager for the next outing and although it will not be before April, I am already thinking about the cuisine. See you then.