Sunday, February 22, 2009


The soccer boots are finally on their way to the Songheni Village, South Africa where 45 young children eagerly await their gifts. But to get the boots on their way took some doing. We share these things with you the donor because your generosity has made this happen and we are sure you would be interested to know that the goods were safely delivered and distributed.

Family members rallied around to pack the boxes the right way to keep them from falling apart. Afterall before the boxes reach their destination, they would have been handled by many hands. Now we know the kind of tape we have to keep in stock to add security to the packaging. The two boxes were hauled off to the Post Office, one was rejected as too large, although we had researched the required size and thought they both measured up.

So back home we went, purchased the right size box and repacked the boots. There were custom forms to fill out and the packages were insured just in case they went astray or the goods were damaged. This time the box was the right fit and now we await word of their arrival from South Africa. We continue to learn and hope. More to come.

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