Sunday, January 18, 2009

Putting The Best Foot Forward

The launch of the website: got off to a fabulous start, since then it has been revamped to add a blog. We are sure this will not be the last update but for now we are content to maintain it's simplicity as we try to bring you our latest adventures.

Right now we are wrapping up our present project, just waiting to iron out a few more details and then we hope that our package will safely reach the Songeni Village in South Africa where 45 young children are awaiting their new soccer shoes and maybe jerseys. The Choose to Care family rolled up their sleeves and assisted in their own way. They helped to navigate the internet to order the shoes and get the best prices. They pointed us to manufacturers who could possibly help us with some donated goods. We did the paperwork for the requests and we are patiently waiting for some good news. We have received lessons in International mailing from a family member who has this down pat. They all became a part of the action of Choose to Care's mission, which is to put a brand new pair of shoes on the feet of needy children and young adults and a smile on their faces.

We have also made plans for 20 boys and girls from an elementary school in Jamaica to receive a brand new pair of shoes. My colleague who runs a breakfast program from New York City for about 50 boys and girls is on her way to the Caribbean to visit the young children and will personally take them to the shoe store to purchase their shoes. Way to Go!

Lastly, we are planning a small benefit dinner to introduce the Choose to Care Organization. This heart and sole pre-valentine's celebration set for 2/13/09 will expand knowledge of the Choose to Care Organization and hopefully will draw in a few more souls who wish to participate in the spirit of giving. I hope the evening will have everyone all revved up and cause a stir. Be on the lookout for more scoop.

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